The Future of Digital and Customer Engagement

Digital and Customer Engagement Panellist Sarah Lay gives us her insight on the event. The original article can be found here The 17th floor of Westminster City Hall turns out to be a great place from which to watch the sun set over the London skyline and I was lucky enough to find myself there at […]

Ethics Trump PR

As part of our panel of experts for this year’s Labour and Conservative Party Conference events, Simon Anholt provides us with a guest blog on workable models for public sector marketing. This article originally appeared in the Local Government Chronicle. Countries, cities and regions, in the age of globalisation, compete with each other for their share […]

Place Marketing

Place Marketing: Meeting the 2020 business rates retention challenge

If you’re wondering why you need a place marketing strategy more than ever, here’s why. The funding landscape has changed and changed for good. By 2020 the revenue support grant will be consigned to the history books. It will be replaced by growth incentive mechanisms such as business rates retention and the new homes bonus. […]

How to influence audiences in a complex and fragmented multimedia world

In our latest guest blog, Allan Ross, Head of Communications at the Wales Office and Westco Commission panel member, presents the government’s response to the changing media landscape and the need for targeted communications in the information age. How does a modern Government communications service influence its audiences in an increasingly complex and fragmented multimedia world? That […]

Back to the Future – a brief history of the residents’ survey and what the future may hold

This week, Westco’s Jen Compton presents the value of the resources being developed by the Westco Insight Network, a free informal network focused on getting the very best out of opinion research in the public sector. We want the network to help all those involved reduce duplication, share best practice and make the best use of their […]

What is Community Engagement, and how do we measure it, apply it and improve it?

In the latest guest blog from Dr Robin Pharoah, Director of Future Agenda, our Commission expert puts his ethnography expertise to task to define what we mean by ‘community engagement’. Senior local government officers often comment “We don’t do community engagement well here.” To which my response is, “What do you mean? Do you mean that […]

Live streaming – democracy in its purest form?

In this guest blog, Public-i’s CEO Tim Ireland offers his take on live streaming as means to engage the public in the democratic process. To see an example Public-i’s work in action, you can catch up with our Behaviour Change and Demand Management session here. Although we have five senses, it is sight that I consider […]

3 reasons to reconsider your approach to the classic Residents’ Survey

Neil Wholey, Westminster City Council’s Head of Evaluation and Performance, offers 3 opportunities for innovation within the traditional residents’ survey: As part of the Westco Commission, we are looking at the broader issue of whether there should be a new approach to Residents’ Surveys. To do this we have launched our new Westco Insight Network, […]

The 5 Best Reports on the Future of Public Service Communications

Following on from last week’s From Theory to Practice event, attendee and Westco partner Russell Pask offers up 5 excellent reports on the future of public sector comms:   The key starting point for communicators wanting to find out more is GCS’s Future of Public Service Communications.  This report sets out many of the key challenges in […]

Nurturing behaviour change with Inbound Marketing

Westco Commission panel member Vaughn Armstrong of Toast Design offers a different way of communicating your message in an effective, targeted manner. This article originally appeared in the Local Government Chronicle, available here. Right now I have around 250 messages in my email inbox, plus another few thousand hidden away in folders.  As a result, I can only […]